Conference Tour - Cracow Walking Tour

Date: Wednesday, 24 May
Time: 10:00 (ends 16:00)
Cost: $45.00 USD

The historic centre of Cracow is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and this guided tour itinerary will help participants discover the town's fascinating history. The tour will start with the 14th-century fortifications along the so-called Royal Route through the Main Market Square (one of the biggest in Europe), Jagellonian University (the second oldest university in Central Europe), and the Wawel Hill Castle, with its Gothic cathedral where the kings of Poland were buried.

The tour will continue down through the southern part of town to the medieval site of Kazimierz, with its ancient synagogues, and Podgorze, with its postindustrial heritage.

The tour will be guided by PhD architect Jacek Czubinski, from the Institute of History of Architecture and Monuments Preservation, Cracow University of Technology.

The tour will begin at 10:00 and will include lunch.