Cidália F. Silva

Cidália Ferreira Silva is an Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Minho’s School of Architecture. Her research on Time expands the field of architecture to investigate other opportunities to engage meaningfully with contemporary places-life. By see(d)(k)ing Time, she holds uncertainty as part of the creative process that crosses time-space, embracing “(not-)Knowing” as the primary focus of her research.

She is passionate about the acts of thinking, writing, and generating ideas, practices she utilizes with her research students as she leads them to discover ways to catalyze their potential to create original knowledge.

‘Interconnection’ is one of the key-words in her research, and functions not only as the method to seek ways of crossing fields, scale(s) and time(s), but also to connect the “I” with the “other” in a dialogical practice of consciousness. Published in international journals and a participant in various interdisciplinary conferences, Professor Silva is completing her first book entitled “37 Lived time tools for see(d)(k)ing (not-)knowing.”